We in most of the cases love to do seed / angel stage financing which often includes  modest amounts  of capital provided to inventors or entrepreneurs to finance the early development of a new product or service. These early funding is primarily directed toward product development, market research, building a management team with a solid business plan. Funding size ranges from 100000 USD to 1 M USD.


Startups who already have  key management team, prepared a business plan and made market studies, the business is realizing its first revenues but has yet to show a profit .This is often where we can provide our support. Series A funding is useful in optimizing product and user base.The team have a plan for developing a business model that will generate long-term profit.We typically take a board seat in the company at this stage. Funding size ranges from 1 M USD to 5M USD


In the almost six years since the beginning of Q1 2012, an average of roughly 67 percent of all the financial deals we analyzed were Mobile app based startups and roughly 50 percent of those were from  metropolitan region in USA.

However, it’s important to mention that this is the average over all deals, all kinds of startups  and all stages of company development. There is plenty of deviation from these means to keep things interesting.

Our strategy


Dryrock ventures, also called Dryrock capital ventures, has a long history of successful enterprise software investing. We have been particularly focused on the emergence of mobile app based solutions. We believe mobile apps is the most important trend in the service industry of the coming decade.

Till early 2018, median pre-series A valuations of specially mobile app based startups have increased more dramatically than any other phase of VC funding, rising nearly 20 - 30% compared to last year. We consider entrepreneurs as all weather friends.  Not only funding we also use our expertise, channels and other sources to groom their product in a well behaved way.

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